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See what the EPA says about the active ingredient in Bac-Shield:
CHITOSAN Adobe Acrobat

Now that "green" products are in demand, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon claiming that their product falls into the "green" category. A comparison of product chemistries will quickly separate Bac-Shield from the imposters. Let us show you why chitosan, the active ingredient in Bac-Shield, leaves the competition "green" with envy.

Mold Solutions, Inc. of Lexington, SC has developed the formulations, application techniques, uses and warranty programs for utilization of this breakthrough product in the water mitigation and mold remediation industries, new construction mold prevention and several outdoor uses.

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Sanitization for Interiors

Sanitization – A Better, Healthier Way for Daily Living
Sanitize Your Home and Get a Lifetime Warranty!!


  1. On average people spend 90% of time indoors. Sixty-five percent is in your home.
  2. EPA studies found that pollutant levels inside your home can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors.
  3. Those who are most susceptible to indoor air pollution are the ones who are home the most; children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses.

Take the Solution to the Pollution

  • The Mold Solutions, Inc. Protocol will sanitize your entire house – Crawl Space too – if desired.
  • Get a lifetime warranty.
  • All the surfaces in your house will be cleaned and sanitized with EPA registered products and protected against re-contamination.
  • All this provided with “green” products and Eco-Friendly technology which is used by NASA to scrub the air in space crafts and holds the designation Certified Space Technology.
    space technology
  • The air purification portion of the Sanitization Protocol cleans the return air from your HVAC unit. The newly sanitized air is then negatively charged and pumped out into the indoor environment to do its dirty work. Once negatively charged, the particles attract ultra fine positively charged particles floating in the air that carry dangerous pathogens, bacteria, microbes and other airborne contaminants, including MRSA, causing them to clump together. At a rate 40 times faster than their previous acceleration, these new “clumps” drop from your breathable space onto the surface protection that is the other portion of the sanitization.

Your Environment is Totally Protected!!
Better Indoor Air Quality Than a Hospital Operating Room!!

Mold Solutions, Inc. has two other locations to better serve our clientele:

  • Greenville, SC
    (864) 593-3346
  • Atlanta, GA
    (404) 202-3585

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